Star Wars: The Last Jedi

João says:

Why is “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” the movie that many didn’t like but we all needed?

Star Wars, is probably the most known movie property in the world, you can love it or hate it, but you know what it is and you know many of the elements that are part of it.

Apart from Marvel, it’s probably the only movie franchise that no matter what they will always make billions of dollars in the Boxoffice.

But times change and like we saw with “Transformers” people get bored and after a while of repeating the same formula, people move on.

Star wars for a very long time had a trilogy made around every 20 years, that meant it could remain similar, and people would not even realize it, now we have a movie almost every year, so they needed to change.

We all know people don’t like change, yes even after so many complain that “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” just the same of the originals and blah blah, in the end, people hate change.

But sometimes we need to give something people don’t even know they want; The last Jedi did that.

I am a huge fan of the Original trilogy, especially “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back” and for me, that is the only one that is as good as “The Last Jedi”.
The main reason for my appreciation of this last entry in the Star Wars universe was how they decided to break the molds, and some molds they broke should never be in place anyway.

The original movies were all about the underdog; how a kid in a far away planet could have this great power in him, the second trilogy took that away and the power was all about these mysterious particles(midi-chlorians)  and only a few had it, sometimes it felt that only one family had it.

It took a lot of guts from Rian Johnson and Disney, but like it or not Disney knows how to adapt and evolve with times (check our Wall-e review here to see a bit more what we mean)
They know that sometimes you have to take risks, only for that this movie deserves more credit, they risk it all with their biggest property.

But lets talk about this movie, like all movies it has flaws, but not as many as you would think after reading some reviews.

The tone sometimes was a bit off; you had a deeply charged dramatic movie with a few really childish jokes that took out of the movie.

There is an all act that was not necessary, yes I am talking about the casino planet, it did not add anything to the story, still gave us the character that I really like, DJ played by Benicio Del Toro that I hope it is used at some point in the future.

Some characters are miss used like Finn played by John Boyega, in a movie full of strong characters it’s a shame because he is an amazing character and actor.

On the other side, characters are explored in more depth than in any other star wars movies, and some of them are growing into characters that can even go toe to toe with the best of the Star Wars universe like Kylo Ren.
One of the strongest components of this movie is the story and how tables are turned over and over again when we feel we know where the movie is going, they switch and take a U-turn.

Star wars last jedi unyolo

So why so many people dislike this movie?

Well, I believe there are many reasons for this, and many are understandable when you have a movie so strongly rooted in emotions and feelings of nostalgia there are many many things that influence how you see it.

The first reason for me is the expectation, like every big movie trilogy people in their heads make assumptions, they have theories of where it is going and how it will get there when things don’t happen that way many get angry.

With Star wars is even worst, it has “rules” people expect to be followed, but sometimes you need to break the rules to create something new.

Many people didn’t understand it, they didn’t understand how some “rules” got broken, and that is mainly because the Star Wars universe is told in so many different mediums, part of the story is told in movies, tv shows, comic books, books, video games, etc., so its easy to miss on some parts.

Many people complained about Jedis having new powers like Luke Skywalker projection, in the end, this is actually not new.
This is a Jedi trick called “Dopplegänger” and was used by many Jedi masters in books and comic books.

The other issue was how Leia was able to fly like Superman when she was in space, well that is not what happens, all Jedi can move objects with their minds, when she was in space with no gravity she pulls a giant ship, the ship doesn’t move she does, simple.

We got many people complaining about luke, and how he would never be like that, even Mark Hamill said that wasn’t his Luke, and I ask why?

What was so off with his character for people to say that?

Many years passed for his character, He went through allot so why it’s so strange he is broken.
If we look at Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda it looks natural move, both retreat from society and lived with the pain and regret until they were given a chance to redeem themselves, that is exactly what happens with Luke, that is why he exiled himself.

Rey‘s parents are no ones, what is wrong with that?
This is a story in the universe far far away, and somehow it started to feel like a soap opera where everyone had to be family or connected somehow, I felt refreshed when we moved on from that.

Snoke didn’t matter.
Well, he did, just not how everyone expected, just like in the original trilogy with the The Emperor, Snoke’s role was to make the bad guy achieve the peak of his arc, with Darth Vader we had him return to the light side of the force, in this one we have Kylo Ren. embrace his dark side.
Who Snoke was and his background story was not the important issue, what he represented was.

How Luke dies, I for one believed it was one of the most poetic endings in Star Wars just like Obi-Wan he decided to embrace his end, it didn’t have the same dramatic effect but still, it was the ending that better fitted this movie.

Captain Phasma was pointless. Sometimes fans fall in love with certain characters and they want them to mean more that filmmakers originally thought of them.
The “girl stormtrooper” is an excellent example of that, and all I can say is maybe there will be more of her in the next movie, this is the issues with trilogies, sometimes we need to wait.

Why didn’t we had Vice Admiral Holdo share all her plan with Poe Dameron and avoid all the trip to the alien casino world? I could try and find justifications but in the end sometimes if everything would work like in the real world, we would have no movie.

There was the issue of Han Solo death, all we got was a reference in the movie of his funeral. First, the movie was already long and honestly, this would add nothing to it, second, they are at war, and that is not the priority in the movie.

And finally what was that weird alien green milk scene?
Hum, yes I nothing to say on that, WTF where they were thinking.

So this movie opened allot of new galaxies for it to grow, it made possible to have many many different stories told, and it was a great movie so don’t try and break it in parts and analyze it all.

Look at it has a new start and let’s feel excited about what J. Abrams is doing next.


Jasmine says:

Star Wars has always been one of my fave movie series I have ever seen.

I have marathons of it when I get back from school and I even have badges on my bag!

My dad and I were so excited for the new movie and we had waited a long time, well not as long as people used to 😂.

Thank God it wasn’t for nothing!!!

I loved this movie and definitely loved the relationship between Kylo ren and Rey.

Not knowing why they have the biggest bond, they even can see each other through the force.

They are enemies but still, there is something that makes them both risk it all for each other.

He even asks her to rule the galaxy with him. To start again and make a new empire.

It was amazing to see Luke, Leia, BB-8 and guess who, Yoda!

Leia has always been one of my favorite feminine heroes, she has always taught us that no one can stand in the way of what you believe in. (check our best female characters here)

That no one can drag you away from a task and you don’t need anyone or any boy telling you what to do.

Yoda was incredible, amazing.

No one can complain when you see Yoda on the big screen, he makes you laugh and learn things. Everyone loves Yoda!

Luke had learned so much from him throughout the years. If anyone could teach me to be the greatest Jedi master it would be him.

I was really upset with what happened to Luke in this movie. He knew he had done something wrong to Kylo years ago and made it right.

He was trying to make things right and gain his trust back once again.

As my dad has probably mentioned we really don’t like how Finn and Rose had a kiss and a moment right IN FRONT OF THE AT-AT WALKER! They would shoot them straight away.

That is literally the only thing that is wrong with the movie.

In a galaxy




There was a girl who was in love with star wars!!!

Jazz xxx

Final score

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