Pacific Rim: Uprising

João says:

The first “Pacific Rim” didn’t blow up the box office like transformers but it was a far superior movie, it had heart, style, a cool vibe and characters that ooze charisma.

Because of all that, it became a cult classic, and we got a sequel.

But it had a major difference, they removed everything that gave it heart and made it cool, no the robots and monsters are still there, I mean Guillermo del ToroIdris ElbaCharlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman.

Don’t get me wrong the cast is not the primary problem, John Boyega is proving he can be a leading man, he his probably the best thing out of the movie and shows if given enough to do he can shine, maybe the star wars people see that also.

Pacific rim John Unyolo

But Guillermo is the main difference, his writing and pure love for this project made all the difference in the first movie, every movie that he picks up he makes it unique, a great example is the Oscar-winning “Shape of water” (Check our oscar review here)

In this one we don’t really care what is going on, we just waiting for the next cool fight.

But even the fights we never fell they are that original, we saw this a million time in every “Transformers” movie, the cuts after cuts that after a while it just looks like a ball of metal spinning around and making you dizzy.

The best action sequence is probably the first one with the little robot driven by AmaraCailee Spaeny also does a good job and has great back and forwards with John Boyega.

The first movie showed us the power of the Jaegers and the connection to their pilots, in this one you don’t get why some get one blow and are destroyed, and others look nothing stops them.

Its just badly constructed and there are so many things that make no sense, Jasmine kept saying it looked like a “Power Ranger” movie and as a fan of the first one I was trying to defend it, and then the monsters connect to create a bigger monster, yes that happens and shut me up.

I hoped we learned from “Transformers” that you need much more than just a cool concept; you need to flesh it out something they didn’t take the time.

I thought “Independence Day: Resurgence” and the new “The Mummy” taught us not to set up a sequel not knowing if we have enough to move on, well we didn’t this movie finishes exactly like “Independence Day: Resurgence”.

Now I hope this movie teach us a significant lesson, Heart is what can make this movie stand out and Charlie Day can never, but never play the villain of any film, it simply doesn’t work in any way.

Jasmine says:

Compared to the first movie, I think this movie wasn’t very good at all. I think that the visuals were incredible, the fighting parts are just great!!!

Firstly I think these robots are very similar to the “Power Rangers” and “Transformers”, how the evil robots join together to make one massive robot, COME ON.

It is so annoying that each robot has its own thing like each power ranger has its own thing!

pacific robot unyolo

I like that they fight by using their own movement in the robot, at least it makes it a tiny bit different from the “Transformers”, but still the same of “Power Rangers” 😂.

Another thing that I didn’t like was how they just crashed all the building like it was nothing and how they could not keep a few buildings standing.
I know that there were no people in the building, but that doesn’t mean you have to knock everything down!!!
How much will the government be paying after!? Millions! But apparently (says dad) I take everything too seriously, and it doesn’t matter.

I did like the main actors though and how you see them progress through the movie.

The thing I absolutely loved was the girl’s robot saved the day in the end.

How even the smallest and weakest looking creatures and objects can be the ones that save the day, the ones that seize the moment!
This is what I love about movies, how they have another side, kind of how a book has a moral.

These types of movies really show shy and left out children that these moments could be their moments.

Also show that young girls can also be the hero, that feminism is starting to get stronger.

Movies, especially Disney ones like “Frozen”, “Moana” and “Black Panther” (check our “Black Panther” review here) are inspiring children and adults that they don’t need a man to save them.

Pacific Rim is one of the movies that have excellent points and bad points. Tell us what you think!

War ready! War War Ready!

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