Mad Max: Fury Road

João says:

“Holywood need some fresh blood pumped into it.”
How many of us said this before?

“Holywood keeps doing sequels and remakes of old ideas.”
Yep, we all said it at some point.

Where are the character-driven movies? Its all this action flicks with no substance.
Does that one sound familiar?

Mad Max: Fury Road proved us all wrong.

George Miller is not exactly new blood, at the age of 70 he created a masterpiece that was groundbreaking, action-packed and a success with public and critics alike.
The filming of the movie proved to be so hard that even bad boy Tom Hardy had complained, but George Miller kept to his vision.

He created a hybrid between a remake and a sequel that not only was superior to the original but become one of the best movies of 2015.
On the list of many critics as their top choice of the year.
Nominated for 10 Oscars and with 6 wins, all this with a hard R action movie but that had some great characters, that made the film something unique that made over 370 million dollars.

So why is this movie so impressive?
Let’s start with the opening sequence, that alone would be a reason to see it.
With no use of CGI, they created a “Cirque du Soleil” kind of action sequence that would be impossible to make it any better.

The use of cars mixed with the acrobatics on top of sticks at those speeds is something of pure madness that came from the mind of a genius.

And we have many, many more that visually are insane and will stick in our retina forever; we had a guy playing a guitar attached to a truck while a fire is coming out when it plays, anyone that saw the movie would know what I am talking.

But action with no heart is nothing, and in this movie, the characters are what made it all tick, funny enough for a movie called Mad Max, Max Rockatansky is not the most memorable character.

Many characters stood out, the main villain Immortan Joe was fantastic and it felt like a perfect fit for this weird apocalyptic world, he was scary, but at the same time, you fell how debilitated this world made him.

Nicholas Hoult was terrific and his part as Nux was amazing, his all arc was so heartfelt, you could see he was just a lost kid that didn’t know where his loyalty should stand.

But like many times in many movies, it was Charlize Theron that stole the show, as Imperator Furiosa she created one of the best female kick-ass action actresses, check our kick-ass female actress top 20 list.

Charlize his a chameleon, and instead of her beauty she brings out a savage side of her that we have not seen many times, she his ruthless and becomes the most fearless hero of our movie trowing Max to a sidekick role.

Tom Hardy is always a fantastic actor, but for some reason on this movie he looks like he is not giving 100%, his character mainly does sounds and grunts but still physically imposing, his presence is felt in all the film.
He had big shoes to fill, Mel Gibson was iconic in this role, and the only reason he didn’t return to it was its age,

All these characters also have in common the strong visuals that are very important in this world; the whole world is full of details that make it one of the most realistic environments we saw in a long time.

It was a massive bet of Warner Bros, with a price tag of over 150 million it was by no account a sure bet, many including me would not be that courageous to put so much money and if it would bring a return.

The story and plot for me is the most significant issue; a Hero needs to go from point A to point B while doing this he picks up some other characters to tag along, he needs to return again to point A and always doing this in a high octane action-driven adventure.
It finishes, and we fell it could have been contained to where it all started, but they needed to show the cool world out there and the people in it.

Still could have been done better and in a way, we would care more about our main character.

It took him 30 years to return to his most beloved creation, but it was worth the wait.

Every year we have more and bigger action blockbusters, but;

Mad Max: Fury Road made everyone in “The Fast & Furious” look like they could be “Driving Miss Daisy”


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