Love Simon

Jasmine says:

Oh my god, “Love Simon”.

It has made my lifeeeeee.

I know I have said before that I have an addiction to movies that make me cry and there are certain authors like John Green, Nicholas Sparks and now Becky Albertalli that know exactly how to touch my heart.

As most of my family knows, I am a huge bookworm. And most of my favorite movies are book adaptations.
I first saw John Green work in “The Fault in Our Stars”, then I was in tears with “The Notebook” of Nicholas Sparks, and when I thought no one could beat it Becky Albertalli creates this beautiful story that became one of my absolute favorites movies ever!!!

Simon babes! He is just so adorable. How he sees everything in a different perspective, how he tells us everything.

We both have the same love for “Panic! At the disco”. I love him.

And all the way through I just wanted him to be as happy as possible.
When he was on the Ferris Wheel by himself, I literally wanted to crawl through the screen and give him a hug xxx

love simon unyolo

I went with my sister Giselle and my friend May. They can tell you that I guessed who Blue was straight away and I had no doubt throughout the whole movie.
Guess what! I WAS RIGHT!!! Never doubt my guessing skills.

One of the things I love most about this is the relationship between Simon and his younger sister. The sister was always testing new foods she had made on him, and even if it were terrible, he would hold it in his mouth for minutes before she left.

When the sister found out on social media that he was gay, she tried to comfort him but still as a young girl she didn’t fully understand, she was telling him he could deny it, but he knew he was proud of what he felt.
She was just finding a way to make it easier for him.

I also love how he imagines everything. How it is set out like in a book.
Examples like..

When you are gay, you have to come out to everyone, but if you’re straight, you don’t.

Then he starts imagining all his friends coming out to their families saying they’re straight.

Also how he imagines, each guy he thinks that is blue, writing the message to him. How at college he will be carefree and able to tell the whole world.

Love Simon is now one of my fave films. It is so funny and romantic. My sister, friend and I all came out drenched in running mascara.
I just felt so proud and happy that Simon was loud about his voice and proud of he was at the end on the Ferris wheel.

I would love to have a gay best friend like Simon to talk to.
That would be the dream.

So go and watch this movie that just got into my top 5 favorite movies, and see my review of another of my favorites, “Baby Driver”, here.
Love Jasmine xxx


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Hi! My name is Jazz, I am 16, and I was practically brought up to watch movies. I know what you’re thinking what are we doing taking movie advice from the 16-year-old? But trust me. I was brought up to watch great movies. Classics. I love all genres except for Horror, but my dad will handle them. I love Marvel movie and also love movies that were originally books. That’s me! ;)

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  1. Sudheer
    June 13, 2018

    Ohh… Looking forward to watch the movie…


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