Avengers: Infinity War

“Avengers: Infinity War” is here to change the game forever.

Cinema exists for more than 120 years, in all those years no one has ever done what Marvel did.

In the last 10 years, they created a universe, with 19 movies, hundreds of actors bringing to life characters that we now can’t imagine being played by no one else.
But more important they created stories that connect from one to the other with thousands of pieces that only a master like Kevin Feige could keep track.

It all started with “Iron Man“; this was the first time we understood that people were interested and willing to devote their time if the movies are good and you treat the original material with respect.

Marvel showed allot of guts in this 10 years; they changed some things from the comic books, backstories, costumes and anything they felt necessary to fit in a cinematic universe, not many companies believe this much in their vision.

They used characters that many people didn’t even know they existed and created terrific movies like “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Ant-Man“.

They assumed that people were going to follow the vision, and stopped explaining every little detail in every movie, they know you know the origin of Spider-man, so they jumped over it and saved 15 minutes of the same old stuff.

And all this made money rain, up to now marvel did over 15 billion dollars worldwide, so what else could they do, was there any other challenge out there?


João says:

Yes, “Avengers Infinity war”, in my eyes was their most significant test; They looked unstoppable, and “Black Panther”  (read our “Black Panther” review here) and “Thor Ragnarok” showed that with new filmmakers with amazing visions they could keep doing individual stories for a long, long time.

So why do a movie with over 60 characters, a film with such a big budget that would risk it all, and a movie that would put a stop to what they have been building for 10 years.

The answer for me is a vision; they have a bigger vision for the next 10 years.

So I was nervous about this movie, I hate when things go big, that character moments get lost, and its just 10.000 frame cuts all going everywhere.
Until now a movie with more than 2 villains didn’t work for me, a big fighting sequence with loads of characters usually just becomes a blur, the best I saw before this movie was “Civil War” so I knew if anyone could do it was the Russo Brothers.

I am glad to say they didn’t disappoint, in “Infinity War” they broke the formula, and they made it work.

How? How did they do it?

That is a question that is hard to answer with no spoilers, but still, I will try.

First, because of the universe they created.
We have many characters, but none of them feel left out, we know them from the previous movies, we got to know their motivations and backstories, so they can just show up and do their thing, and we are good with that.

Second Marvel is smart, very smart, one of the problems with the “Justice League” was that characters felt different from their solo movies, that is because of different writers and different visions.
Marvel very cleaver went and got James Gunn to write the guardians of the galaxy bits, got Ryan Coogler to help with “Black Panther” and to keep the feeling of Wakanda the same.
This little detail made us feel that it was the same characters we know and love just in a brand new situation.

Third, they knew what they had in their hands; it was the biggest story ever to be told in cinema, they had to risk it all.
And they did it, with a budget of over 300 million they made it look and feel like a unique event in movie history.
They knew where they wanted to go and that Marvel fans would trust in their vision, so they took the story beyond.

And finally and the most important detail for me, they made the movie about one single thing, Thanos.
This movie is about Thanos and his side of the story, they made us care why he was doing this, Josh Brolin did a fantastic job and after 5m on the screen, you forget he is just a CGI character.


So Avengers Infinity war is the best Avengers movie and one of the best superhero movies, it gave us so much, and I would love to talk about it with spoilers but is still too soon, and Thanos demanded our silence.

So instead I will just say some of the good and bad things about it.

Good Things:

  • It’s a movie of 150 minutes that you never fell being that long, the pace is brilliant, and I challenge anyone that sees this movie to cut something out.
  • We get the Darth Vader of the Marvel universe, after the amazing villain we got in Black Panther I hope this means we are on the right track with villains.
    Not only he is ruthless, every second he is on the screen you believe he could destroy anyone, but you start to understand his reasoning, and you will even sheer a tear for him
  • The dynamic of the heroes teaming up is tremendous, and even with the new pairings we still feel the chemistry we got used in the previous team-up movies.
  • The comedy is just the right amount, and in the heavy moments, you don’t get awkward moments with jokes that don’t fit, even characters like Peter Quill can have moments that he shows his more serious side.
  • The visuals, everything in this movie is perfect apart from one thing that I didn’t like but because of spoilers cant talk about.

Bad Things:

  • I had issues with Thor, he was the only character that I felt had a different tone from previous movies and this, and even in this movie from the first act to the last had things that didn’t gel.
  • Wanted to know a bit more of the dark order.
  • Knowing certain things about the future of the MCU doesn’t let me take this big movie stakes as I would like to.
  • Also for me, this is definitely a half point in this story, and I believe many are judging this movie unfair because we still have the second part next year.
    Many things we didn’t understand in the plot of the movie are still going to be answered, in this movie we had some answers that took 8 years until they address it.

We need to trust Marvel and Disney because they just proved they can do the impossible.

So go and watch it, and rewatch it and be amazed by earth mightiest heroes and the universe they created.

Jasmine says:

Omg, I am dead inside, I cried all the time.

One of the characters that I loved to death actually was killed.

I was left wanting to know how they will get all the characters back.
No, I need to know.

The after credits. I knew that symbol! So excited.

Thanos CGI was absolutely awesome his look was so good and precise that after a while I forgot he was not real.

He was just as powerful as he was in comics, still they even showed his emotional side.

There was so much humor in this movie, especially between Drax, Peter Quill, Peter Parker, and Tony, loved it.

My dad was the loudest laugher in the whole cinema.

The cast really connects through this movie.

The relationship I was really invested was between Peter Parker and Tony Stark; they are like father and son. They were so funny.


Good Things:

  • It’s everything and more that we could expect, the action, the characters the villain, everything surpasses my expectations.
  • Seeing Thor with the guardians, Doctor Strange with Ironman and all the new pairings was sooooo cool.
  • loved the love story of Vision and Scarlet Witch, and Scarlet Witch is badass as are all the girls in this movie.
  • Thanos, the all conflicted side of him, that is the stuff I love.

Bad Things:

  • It’s hard to deal with everything that happens in this movie, it’s even harder to leave the cinema until its all fixed if they had the next one there I was ready.
  • I know Marvel sooner or later will give us all the answers but there are so many questions I have, the main one being where is Valkarie.

Overall this movie was one of my favorites, not one of, it’s actually my favorite comic book movie ever.
It will go down in history, and I am definitely going to watch the next one and cry even more.



So and now for the big question, what place in the ranking of best comic book hero movies does “Avengers: Infinity War” takes?

Find out on Tuesday the 1st of May in our big post about the “Top 20 Comic Book Superhero Movies”, and tell us in the comments what you think.

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