I Kill Giants

João says:

“We’re stronger than we think.”

Many times and I mean many, many times I have been tricked by trailers, and I am not talking about the fantastic trailers that belong to horrible movies.

No, what I mean is the trailers that sell an absolutely different movie, movies like “It Comes at Night”, “Mother!”, “Passengers” and “Drive” are great examples.

Sometimes I get annoyed because I feel tricked, I felt that they didn’t have a good movie and tried to get people in the cinema no matter what.

Other times I thank the gods it was not the movie I imagined, “Drive” being a perfect example of that.

Well, they did it again, I saw the trailer of “I Kill Giants” with the producer of “Harry Potter” splashed all over, all these big spectacular action scenes and by knowing it was based on a graphic novel I was sold.
For me, it was some kind of superhero movie.

I was wrong, and for the first part of the film, I was fuming that they tricked me again, by the end I was happy I was wrong.

This movie is deep, and I mean to the point it will require a second viewing to grasp how deep it is entirely.
It touches so many deep issues, bullying, trauma, the search for identity, mental problems, facing a world that sometimes we are not ready for, suicide and especially friendship.

So who could bring this story to life?

This is a story that started as a graphic novel, that many thought if it were brought to life, would be as an animation.
A story with so many layers that in the hands of many would be just another action fantasy movie.
Well at a first look Anders Walter would not be a good choice, this is his first movie, before this, he only had short movies on his resume.

But then we look deeper; we see the hints of why he is, in fact, the perfect choice.
His previous work was animation, and Helium, an Oscar-winning short was very in sync with what this movie is about.
There is no doubt he was the right choice, every frame of this movie you feel his love for the story and the characters; he takes his time to make us understand the characters.
We hate them, we don’t understand them and then when we do we can stand behind their motivations and forgive them.

The movie is about Barbara, a young girl that believes she finds giants, she hunts giants, and she kills giants, but does she?
That is the question we spend the all movie trying to understand, but at some point, it doesn’t really matter anymore.

Madison Wolfe is a star in this movie; we know we have a beautiful performance when we go from one emotion to another and another all about the same character, she annoys us, gets us angry, we hate her to then fall on her side and in love with her.
But many other characters support her every step of the way to get us to understand the story.

This story is weird and heavy, but still, it is an important one to be told and for kids to see. The way it’s done I think it will still be interesting enough to catch their attention, I watched it with Jasmine but also my 11-year-old daughter Giselle and she was glued on it all the way.

The movie still has some beautiful shots, great creatures but all of that becomes secondary as we start to understand the story and where it is all going.

This movie probably will slip under many peoples radar, but it shouldn’t, it deserves to be seen, it deserves to be discussed, and we want to know what you all think about it.



Jasmine says:


Over the years I have said that I am addicted to sad, deep movies that make me cry and think.

Don’t get me wrong I am still obsessed with these types of movies.

“I Kill Giants” is one of those movies.

Okay well, I don’t entirely love this movie, but it did make me think and yes, cry.

I thought that the storyline was really smart and the giant’s graphics were stunning. I had an issue with the story, it was very similar to a recent movie “A monster calls”.

When I say that this movie made me think, well it truly did.
I have always been able to make theories even if there isn’t one to make.

If you ask my father, then he will tell you that I made many theories throughout the movie.

One of my main theories was that the giants, in the child’s eyes, was death itself.
When giants come to town, it means that death is going to be soon in her life.
This death being her mother’s, I think that the girl is just trying to cover up the truth that her mother will soon die and that no one has control over what happens.

I also had this theory because in the movie the girl finds a dead dear, she says that it was the doing of a giant. The giants doing is its death.

Another theory I had was that when the character is explaining the different stages of giants, I think she is describing the various stages of her mother’s diseases. Like when she mentions that one stage of giant eats the peoples liver, meaning that maybe one of the stages could have been that the mothers got a problem with her liver.

This movie is one that makes the viewer think because there are many interpretations you can do of it.

I didn’t like how similar it is to “Monster Calls” mainly because they have the same storyline.
That at some point it is okay to let go, that it isn’t in there control whether their mother dies or not.
That they both are children that use a strange, scary creature to explain their lives.
Monsters that teach the child a way to survive even when it doesn’t look there are many options.
You see how they make their way through difficult times in life, but in the end, they treasure all the time they have left whether it is seconds or years.

The two movies seem very alike.

I also dislike how the character acts towards other people.
She doesn’t act very kind to anyone, she is very violent and harsh.

Like when she has a guidance counselor who does her very best to help her and treats her like her child, is pushed away by her and attacked because she tried to understand her.
The same with her sister who is trying her very best juggling with her job and taking care of the family.
The sister is taking the job of the mother, facing the problems from work and home but the character won’t help with cleaning or washing a dish.

But at the same time, I understand that the character is thinking that she has no time for things like that because she is saving her mother.

There are good and bad things about this movie, but at least it made me think about many things that I believe are important to at least be talked.

What do you think?


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