Emperor’s New Groove

João says:

Every time Jasmine and I see a Disney top list we go there just to check if “Emperor’s New Groove” is on it.

We know “Lion King” will be in the top spot, we know that “Moana” will be there, and we love “Moana”.
“Aladdin” is a sure bet to be there, but we don’t understand why “Emperor’s New Groove” is not getting the love it deserves.

Since the first time that I saw this movie I could not stop laughing, the jokes are some of the best and more adult in any Disney movie, maybe that is the reason it’s not on this lists.

The characters of Kuzco and Pacha are hilarious and their chemistry jumps off the screen, mainly because of the fantastic voice acting of David Spade and John Goodman, but the movie is completely stolen by the bad guys.

Yzma and her henchman Kronk are hilarious; I would be comfortable to say Kronk is one of the best sidekicks in any Disney movie.
There is scene after scene that Kronk makes it unforgettable, and I think many people felt the same because the sequel and tv show is all about him.

So this movie is edgy, its funny but it also has a message that is more and more important in this days, no one likes a bully.

Kuzco is rich and powerful, he doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings and wants things always is way, unlike many movies of Disney he does not turn in to a “monster” to learn a lesson, no the reason is darker, they want him dead.

We would think he would learn his lesson after this happens, but no, time after time he keeps on is path, he keeps wanting to trick everyone in to getting what he wants and takes several lessons to show him a new way, something that is much more realistic.

On the other side, we have Pacha that is like most of us, he wants to see the good in everyone, he tries to do the right thing, but he is not rewarded for it, with time he learns that sometimes he needs to think about himself first.
Another lesson not common in a Disney movie.

Also, it is essential to talk about is Chicha, Pacha’s wife, in most of Disney movies before the part of the mothers in the Disney movies is not always a happy one, or they die very early or they have no importance.In this movie she is a strong character, she has opinions and strong positions having an equal role in regards to Pacha, the all family dynamic is great.

So if you never watch it, give it a chance and tell us where it stands in your Disney list.


Jasmine says:


That is the most common reaction I have while watching this movie.

Every time it makes me laugh especially the villain’s goofy sidekick.

He is the whole movie, he can talk to animals, he is the leader of a camp group, and he is an incredible chef.
This movie is so underrated to everyone, to me, it is one of my favorite comedy cartoon movies.

No one lists The “Emperor’s New Groove” as one of Disney’s best movies. It has comedy and a great moral to teach children.

The story of a spoilt person that is changed into a lama (by accident) as the villain says.
Turning him into a lama soon leads him to a family, who doesn’t have much money, but teaches him that not everything is about him.

That everyone’s lives could be affected by one act of selfishness. This is important for children and even some adults to learn.
I and my father love this movie!

It is one of the funniest cartoons I have ever seen! Like what isn’t there to laugh at.
We always love the part where the villain turns into a cat and goes, “Is that my voice?” I know it might sound childish, but deal with it!

No one. And I mean NO ONE can beat the character of the villains, let’s say immature, helper.
He wants to be friends with everyone no matter what!
He also is just such a truthful character, he loves to cook, and I think that is what he gets so annoyed at the villain. Mainly because every time he does one of his miraculous meals, she has to go and mess it up by adding a poison potion in it.

He can even do the impossible by carrying the villain all around the country!

Overall I love this movie to death! I could watch this movie any day.



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