João says:

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

I don’t believe there is another movie out there that represents this saying better than “WALL·E”.

Since 1927 when “The Jazz Singer” came out that movie directors depended more and more on the dialogs.
The power of a good script delivered by great actors is what makes most of the iconic scenes in cinema, sometimes we forget the movie but remember the quotes forever.

But there are exceptions, very few and WALL·E sits on the top of the throne, being able to do this in animation with a character that is a robot is even more impressive.

WALL·E tells a simple story that could be told in so many ways, its the story of many of us, a story of someone that feels lonely, that wants more from life but still keeps doing what he is meant to until a reason to change comes along.
Like in many of our stories, that reason is Love, he falls in love and risks it all for who he loves.
The way Pixar did this is genius and Walt Disney would be proud of having this landmark as part of the Disney legacy.

Disney had many ages in their history;

The Golden Age (1937-1942), with movies like “Snow White” he said to the world that Disney was Born, and continue to impress with “Pinocchio”, “Fantasia”, “Dumbo” and Bambi.

The Silver Age (1950-1959), for 8 years it felt Disney lost their Mojo, but in 1950 they return even stronger with “Cinderella”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Peter Pan”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” and “The Jungle Book”

The Disney Renaissance (1989-1999), for a very long time Disney felt dated, many said they lost the originality, but after many decades a new era started with “The Little Mermaid”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin”, “The Lion King” and “Mulan”

But then in 1995 something happens that helped Disney become the juggernaut that it is today, the first “Toy Story” came out.
“Toy Story” was different, it was the first time 3D animation was used like this, but I don’t believe that was the most crucial difference, the story was the difference.

Pixar movies could be seen and loved by adults and kids alike, they brought heart, and ever since then they been raising the bar with every single film and becoming one of those companies that you believe what they release will be good.

And with that, they also inspire a new era in Disney animation studios, the Revival Era (2010-Present)

But why is WALL·E different? Why does he Stand out in the middle of all these diamonds?

The story and heart, not having words in the movie to move people they had to count almost 100% on the feelings the characters could express.

Also its probably one of the most influential movies regarding the message and the morals, the way WALL·E protects his friend that is a little cockroach is lovely.
The way he gives so much value to the memories of the people before him and keeps those memories alive.
The ecological message delivered in such a way that kids can learn but never feels preachy, and finally how we are becoming humanity with no humanity.

That all touch our heart and stays with us forever, but let’s not forget how beautiful it looks.
For me, the scene of “La La Land” that they dance in the stars is inspired by the ballet in space of WALL·E and EVE.

So WALL·E is one of the best movies ever made and probably the best of Disney/Pixar, but there is so many that are outstanding


Jasmine says:

WALL·E, I fell in love with him since the first scene where he was just rolling around doing his thing.

What I love about this little robot is how he learned how to love through movies and videos. How he is so upset and wants the world to be how it was.

WALL·E and EVE will always be my favorite couple of all time xxx

She just wants to finish her job whereas he wants to experience the feeling of love.

My favorite scene they share together is the scene where they are using the fire extinguisher to move around. They both seem so happy to be together and alive.

I cried so much when WALL·E forgot EVE and everyone.
He lost his personality and faith in what he loved.

But when Eva saw him and tried to snap him out of it, I was crying like there was no tomorrow, ask my dad!

But then she woke him up by locking heads together. I was so happy that I started dancing. Xxx

This movie shows that no matter what, who or where they are someone will always find you and love you.

Thank You so much, Pixar for showing us all the love!



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