The Greatest Showman

João says:



“The Greatest showman” is a movie that surprised many people for many reasons.
First, when it came out, things didn’t look good, it disappointed in the box office, and the critics were not impressed.
All the reviews were breaking it apart, going deep into comparing it to the real story of P.T. Barnum.

But they overlook the real power of this movie, its fun, heartwarming and uplifting.

And that made it critic-proof and people loved it, and that is enough to change it all.

When we look at movies and how they perform we have to look at many different things, some of them open big but then just start losing steam because they are not great, we say they have no legs, and box office records are in many ways related to this legs.

If we look at this last couple of months we had great examples of movies with legs; “Black Panther” is now at over 1.2 billion dollars and on the top 15 grossing movies of all time, and that is because it’s been losing very few viewers from week to week.

But a better example is “Jumanji” that after an ok opening is now almost reaching 1 billion dollars worldwide, something that looked impossible when it open.

And finally we have “The Greatest Showman”, opened at a mear 8 million dollars and is now up to 400 million worldwide, that is a unique achievement that only a few movies ever achieved.

But why did this happen? How did this movie turn it around?
The reason is simple, word of mouth.

Let’s start by saying I am not a Musical kind of guy, things like “Mary Poppins” and “Singing in the rain” get on my nerves, why do people start singing for no reason.
But I have one or two that I like, “Moulin Rouge” for me is a masterpiece. When we saw this movie we could not understand what the critics were talking about, the film was so uplifting and full of joy that just made us come out of it happy and telling everyone about it.

The cast is excellent, Hugh Jackman like always feels the screen with his charisma, and again he does a great job singing as he did on “Les Misérables”.
Zendaya is a star, she is beautiful, but there is much more there, she says allot with her eyes, and you believe the conflict inside her because of the love she feels for Zach Efron character.
And again I don’t know why Zach gets so much crap from everyone, I think he is a great actor, and in every movie, you feel he gives it all.

But the central star of this movie is the music; the music moves us, it makes us feel the pain, happiness, and love of every single character.
Every song is strong, but the main song that was running for the Oscars is on a different level “this is me” can become now the anthem for all the people that feel left out, the people that feel different but still deserve a place in the world.

So it’s a great movie, absolutely stunning visually with great choreography and showstopping acts.

Critics should get a lesson out of this movie, funny enough that message couldn’t be said any better than Hugh Jackman character in this movie that speaks to a critic;
“you review plays but don’t really enjoy watching them, who is the fake now”, films are to be enjoyed, and we should appreciate more the cinema, many times we are trying to find flaws, many times is the flaws that make them unique.

This movie is all about that, accepting that you not perfect, but that is who you are, and you are glorious.


Jasmine says:

This is me! This is the greatest show! Rewrite the stars! Never enough! From Now On!

All these songs have made my day since I saw the movie.
I am such a musical Junki, love any movie with music in its core, from “Mamma mia” to “La la land”.

The songs. Don’t even get me started.

My sister and I, learned the songs the minute we watched the movie.
When we are traveling or even just cleaning up the rooms we just switch on our phones and sing. Gigi (my sister,) and I are also dancers, we dance about four times a week and absolutely love it! So when we watched this movie, we even learned the dances also!
The songs just have a story to every word. Each word has a deeper meaning. Making all characters super fun and understanding.

I have watched this movie about six times.
I even went to the cinema to watch the sing-along.

This movie did such a great job of getting its story across, which everyone is equal and to not judge a book by its cover.
(yes again I am getting that message over and over again)

The movie is so thought out, it makes everyone happy and in love with the movie and the characters.

Hugh Jackman presence in this movie is impressive.
Every word and move was performed at its finest.
I was really surprised by Zendaya’s acting, it was incredible, she took the characters thoughts and feelings and twisted it into her own.
She shows how hurt she is, how deep inside she is fighting her love for Zac Efron Character.

Zac Efron was excellent at his part in this movie; he showed the bratty side which slowly turns into an understatement.
I think no one acted poorly in this movie.

When my grandad and nanny saw this movie we talked about it for weeks, they even got the CD for in the car.

My mum understands me when I say that this movie has changed everyone’s life in this family.
My father and I just tapped our way all the way through the first time we saw it.

I watched it again and again, bloopers and edits. I just love this movie! It made my year.


xxx Little J


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