Red Sparrow

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After “Salt” and “Atomic Blonde” do We need “Red Sparrow”? HELL YES!!!

I was really torn apart by this movie before I saw it.

I love Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton.
I love spy movies.
I love “I am Legend” and “Constantine” directed by Francis Lawrence.
I heard many good things about the book.

But I hated the trailer and I loved last years “Atomic Blonde”.
In my mind, if you are doing a female spy movie after that one, you better bring your A game.

Let’s start by saying, this is not a flawless movie, but how many flawless movies can you think of? (If you know any tell me in the comments)
But they created an interesting enough cat and mouse game to keep us invested in it, on top of that they added some of the best talents in Hollywood what made us forget many of the flaws.

Jennifer Lawrence, I don’t believe has anything to prove anymore, she is one of the best actresses working today, and she has the awards to prove it.
Her portrait of Dominika Egorova, a broken prima ballerina, and I mean broken in every sense is amazing.
Sometimes her part looks easier then We give her credit for, her calm and almost oblivious look like she is not even in her body is not a mere coincidence, that is the core of her character, that is why We feel so much when she explodes into violence.
Her mental and physical abuse in the hands of her “superiors” is also very on the nose of everything going on at the moment, how she never gives up and turns the table to suit her is also a great message of empowerment.

All the cast is excellent but once again Joel Edgerton stands out. Since I saw “warrior” and “It comes at night” I have been a fan, and in this movie he is essential.
His character many people will say is poorly constructed, that he is too innocent to be a CIA agent. I see it as a flawed man, a man that even he knows he is flawed and points it out.

But there is another force in the works here that We have to mention because He might be the reason why this movie succeeds where it could so quickly fail.

The Director, many directors in cinema history, created partnerships that become famous, Tim Burton and Johnny Deep, Scorcese and Robert De Niro and more recently Leonardo DiCaprio, and why do they do this?
Simple, because they get to know the actors, they learn how to use them best and how far they can push them.

After working in 3 movies of the “hunger games” with Jennifer Lawrence, Francis Lawrence knew how to get the best performance out of her; he trusted her enough just to let her talent flow.
The scene when she wakes up in the hospital is the proof of that, how he gives a full close up of her face and lets every little facial expression tell the story is impressive.

Also, you see the trust being given back to him by Jennifer Lawrence, it surprised the amount of nudity from her part, for one of the top paid stars in Hollywood to expose herself that much she needs to know it was necessary for the part and trust the director.
And let’s clap for this man because We all know that creating such a sexual driven female character at this moment in time is not easy and will have backlash for sure.

Maybe for me, the weakest part of the movie is the chemistry between the two main characters.
They both great on their own and they act great together in the spy world, but never I believe that they love each other or that there is any sexual tension there, could that be deliberate because of who they are in the movie? Maybe.

So is “Red Sparrow” the best action spy movie ever made? No, but it is still pretty cool and will play well with the twists and turns.
And for everyone calling it the “Black Widow movie We never had”, forget it, it’s not even close, the characters move in completely different worlds, Natasha is fearless and an unstoppable force, Dominika just wants to survive and that for me makes her more relatable.

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