Maze Runner Trilogy

Jasmine says:

The “Maze Runner Trilogy ” are my favorite movies that were initially a book.

My god, I love the “Maze Runner”! The books and the movies!

As my dad knows there are two people in this movie that are very very very special to me!
The characters’ Thomas (played by Dylan O’Brien) and Newt (played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster.) These are my top celebrity crushes. I have been waiting to write about these movies since me, and my dad made the blog, so here we go!!!

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Maze Runner ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The 1st movie is a beginning to a fantastic trilogy.

The all story is told from the point of view of Thomas, the main character.

Thomas had been sent up to the glade, which is a community who have been tested on by a company called W.I.C.K.E.D. When Thomas gets up there, where he soon meets Newt, a timid but popular character in the fandom.

Thomas then finds out that the “glade” is surrounded by a maze and they can only leave if they solve the maze.

The best bit of this first movie is the world building they did, how they make us care about this characters that We don’t know much about.

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The Scorch Trials ⭐⭐⭐⭐½

Ok, I will come out clean, first time I saw this movie it scared me, but in my defense, I was really young when my dad took me to the cinema, lol.

“The scorch trials” is the sequel to the “Maze Runner”.
This is after the characters escape the maze.
The boys firstly try to escape the clutches of the company as they know that they will be tested on more.
The thing is, was that a good or bad idea?

The boys run themselves into a world full of sand, sun and ‘cranks’ (zombie-like creatures.) At the end of the movie, one of the characters is taken back by W.I.C.K.E.D.

The cliffhanger that they leave you in is just unbearable, but between the first and second movie there was only one year so its not to bad, NOOOOOOOO.
Because of an accident with Dylan I had to wait 3 years, wasn’t easy for me and especially for my dad as I was always asking him about it, LOL.

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The Death Cure ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

God, I cried so much for one of these characters in this movie.

In this final chapter, we have Thomas and his friends trying to save the characters that W.I.C.K.E.D had taken in the previous movie.

Thomas will have to choose whether to save his friend or save the world from the flare which is the infection that has invaded the world.
But Thomas will have to lose some of his closest friends on the way.

The only thing that I hated is that they didn’t explain the background story of Newt. If you have read the books, then you will understand what I mean. Newt has a limp, and in the book that is a really big feature of his character, it gives everyone a reason to love him and to realize how important he is to the story, the characters, and the readers.


I mainly love these movies because of how all these characters want something different in their lives but still in their eyes fight for a common good; it shows how even when there are disasters there are always the few that have a light inside them.

When I say ‘they all want a different thing in life I mean like Thomas wants to keep all his friends happy.
Teresa (who I absolutely hate) wants only to find a cure, no matter who dies.
And Newt, poor Newt just wants it to be over, so the background story about his limp backs up my point. So when he dies in the ‘Death Cure’ it a way it makes you happy that he is in a better place, but also sad he is gone.

I just love how all the characters have been so carefully thought out and how the cast brought the dystopian world to the screen bringing my favorite book to life and making me one of their biggest fans.

Especially Dylan and Thomas.




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