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Cinema is not only about the latest new thing coming out; there are certain movies like“Edward Scissorhands” that changed cinema forever, that still today will inspire new filmmakers to create fantastic new movies.

I always wanted Jas since she was very young to watch the classics, maybe too young for some of them; but still, she has been exposed to movies that deserve to be watched or rewatched.

We will be writing about many of this classics, our first one is Tim Burton’s “Edward Scissorhands” made in 1990.

João says:

Let’s start by saying Tim Burton is one of my favorite directors of all times.
I know his latest work is not on the same level of the masterpieces created at the start of his career, but he still has a unique vision like no otherand Edward Scissorhands shows that like no other of his movies..

After stunning the world with “Beetlejuice” and “Batman”, Tim Burton wrote this movie based on his experiences of growing in suburban California and his love of Frankenstein; he had previously done a short called “Frankenweenie” that one day he would turn into a feature movie.

After two movies with Michael Keaton, he decides to pick Johnny Deep, and with this one of the best partnerships in cinema history was born, together they created many iconic characters and movies.
Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson, and Jim Carrey also went for the part, but Tim picked Deep because of how he could act with his eyes, this choice proved to be the right one for this movie.

So why almost 30 years later are We still talking about a movie that was a Boxoffice flop?

One of the reasons it is so relevant to talk about “Edward Scissorhands” today is because of this years Oscars (read our review of the Oscar movies).
We just had “The shape of Water” winning the Oscar for best picture this year and Guillermo Del Toro the Oscar for best director, and in many ways, they have to thank Tim Burton for that.
Tim Burton was the visionary that showed the world that the ugly can be beautiful, monsters can be loved and more, they should be loved and not judge for how they look on the outside.

He made being weird cool, and for this, We also have to thankJohnny Depp as much as Tim Burton, Deep is terrific in this movie, with just over 150 words in all the movie He makes us fall in love with him and his character. The innocence he transmits through his eyes, the way He moves and acts and makes us believe with is fantastic and not within reach of all actors.

But the all cast is remarkable, even the small parts like Vincent Price’s that had in “Edward Scissorhands” his last film.

Dianne Wiest that is so sweet in this movie and makes us believe in this mum that just wants to help this stranger with no secondary reasons.

Alan Arkin is an outstanding actor, four times Oscar nominee and Oscar winner for Actor in a Supporting Role for “Little Miss Sunshine”, even with a simple parts as the dad he makes us understand how Tim Burton still believes there are good people in the world and his vision is not as dark as it would look at first glance.

But We didn’t have just Johnny Depp shinning in this movie, Winona Ryder that most of us today know her for “Stranger Things” had worked in “Beetlejuice” as a young actress and made us all fall in love with her.
In this, she was able to show her beauty and her acting skills and help create a grown-up version of “Beauty and the Beast”.

But We have another character that in many ways might be the most important of this movie and almost all of the others Tim burtons as done, The world, the unique world that Tim Burton creates in every film, how he merges the ugly with the beautiful and mundane.

We saw this for the first time in full in “Beetlejuice”, but in there he had more freedom because it was such a fantasy story, In this, he had to make us feel that it was in a real neighborhood, and oh god he did. (check our “Beetlejuice” review here

“Edward Scissorhands” for me his a work of art, it is still one of my favorite movies of all times and I can watch it over and over.
It is still as fresh as it was at the time, the messages are so much profound then what we see on the screen.

How someone that is so innocent cannot understand how people are using him, how you can feel loved by everyone around you when you have individual talents, how they can turn against you as soon as they don’t need you and how everyone is quick to judge.

It showed that monsters are not always who you think they are and everyone has something beautiful to show you if they are given a chance.

And more important it shows love can be everywhere, this is still one of the most beautiful love stories ever made, the part he is using is “hands” to create that beautiful ice sculpture of Kim is still one of the most mesmerizing scenes in cinema.

Watching this with Jas for the first time was magical, even being very young and not appreciating the details that over the years she started to understand she could not take her eyes away from how beautiful it was.

Recommend everyone to watch it or rewatch it and make sure to share it with their kids so we can keep this piece of cinema history alive.


Jasmine says:

I would first like to say that I love many of Tim Burton’s movies, but in this movie he outdid himself, there is no way he could have done any better.

This movie made me cry and laugh all at the same time. The character of Edward (played by Johnny Depp,) is so oblivious to the world and how confusing it can be, I believe many of us can relate to that.

My favorite moment is when he cuts all the hedges; I love the art aspect of it, how it all looks is so different from everything else I saw before and even today.

I believe the look of this movie also inspired many of my drawings and especially my love for tragic and sad movies.

It made me so happy to see that he found someone he could love and trust.

So if you feel like a cry then grab a box of tissues turn on your TV and relax.



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