João says:

So after talking about “Edward Scissorhands”, you can check our review here, We had to go and talk about our other favorite masterpiece of Tim Burton, and that could only be “Beetlejuice”

Not many directors can say they have a few iconic movies in their resume, but even fewer can say they have an all style of filmmaking that is so unique that even when he is not the director people just see the movie as his.
A perfect example of this is the fantastic “Nightmare before Christmas” that most people still think its a Tim Burton movie.

And where did this style came from? What was his first movie that showed us this unique world?
Well, he had a few short movies that gave us a glimpse into his imagination and got his first break directing “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” but it all started with “Beetlejuice”.

The way he talks about something so serious and scary as death is still today his signature, for him, death is not the end, and it’s not ugly, its beautiful, exciting and fun.

The first script was much creepier then what we ended up getting, but with time it shaped to this weird world that we all love now.
Also, the casting of the main character, which I think we can agree is one of the main reasons it works so well took a significant turn, Sammy Davis Jr. was the first choice, thank goodness for recasting.
But the amazing Michael Keaton was not the only star that almost didn’t make it, Juliette Lewis was very close to being Lydia instead of Winona Ryder!
I am glad Winona Ryder got to take on this part, mainly because it opens the door for her to be in “Edward Scissorhands” what I like her in.

Michael Keaton over the years took his place in Hollywood with iconic parts like “Batman”, Oscar-winning roles in “Birdman” and in “Spider-man: Homecoming” he played the scariest dad ever (I for one am taking notes on that part for when I meet my daughter’s boyfriends 🙂 )
But in no part, he was only 17 minutes on the screen of a 92 minutes movie and all you can remember it’s him, that shows how iconic his character was.

So just like “Edward Scissorhands” I find it hard to see flaws in this movie, even after all these years it looks beautiful and the special effects look weird enough to look still cool.
I think it’s the perfect movie to show your kids one day when you think they might be ready for something a tiny bit scarier, but it still is a comedy in its hearth.


Jasmine says:



Nope, not going to go there.

Tim Burton once again shows He is a genius.
This movie is full of fun and scares! Definitely, a classic that everyone should watch.

Still, I have a few mixed emotions about this movie…

First of all, I absolutely love, and I mean love the character of Beetle Juice.
He is cocky, overconfident and rambunctious.
He tries to ‘help’ but soon enough his nature gets the best out of him, and he can’t help to become mischief.

I also love the world they are living in.

The characters Barbara and Adam Maitland enter this world by a hunting car accident, and We get to see how Tim Burton sees life after death, like a new type of heaven.

But I don’t like the teenage girl. She seems to be too old for the part, so I think the casting on that is wrong. That is the only problem with this movie.

Just remember never to say Beetle Juice three times!


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