Black Panther

João says:

Did Marvel do it again?
Rotten Tomatoes gives “Black Panther” a 97% at the moment.
It broke every record of pre-sales in history.
Its supposed to open above 140 million in the first weekend, but again it broke all expectations and did over 200 million.

So yes I guess they did, I guess Marvel and Disney can do no wrong, and they are on a roll, but is it also hyped a bit for many reasons?

Yes, I believe the answer is yes, don’t get me wrong, “Black Panther” is an amazing movie, but it has flaws, flaws that in another movie We all would be talking about and if it had the DC logo in the start we would be taking out the pitchforks.

I don’t know if I am alone on this one, but I bet I am not, how many of us after watching this movie think Michael B. Jordan would be amazing in the main role?

For me he was the shining star in the movie, it was probably one of the best villains in the MCU, at least until he turned into the golden black panther and just became a mirror of the hero like in all the other super-hero movies and for me, that is the main reason these villains don’t work.

But still he was the villain that we could stand behind his reasoning, we could understand the why even not agreeing with the how.

Andy Serkis was for me the big surprise; he felt like a scary villain and me for one hope somehow to get him back.

Also there was the big representation side of this movie that I believe they did amazing, not only for black people but even more in my eyes for women, Wonder Woman was the first, but for me this did it better, Lupita Nyong’oDanai Gurira, and Letitia Wright represented strong and smart women that felt real.

This characters in our opinion are so strong that deserve a place in cinema history and are part of our list of top 20 Bada$$ female characters in film, check our list here.

But to be fair the big win of this movie is the cast, they all amazing and ohhh my god Ryan Coogler is a genius, all his directions and vision is breathtaking, and every shot is a work of pure beauty.
So what is wrong with it? Why only a 4? doesn’t it look good?

No, it looks amazing, beautiful cinematography, beautiful set production, beautiful wardrobe and very realistic special effects, and will not be surprised it gets an Oscar nod next year for any of this.
So what is wrong?

Well what is wrong for me is that this movie is almost too good to be a Marvel superhero movie, when the action bits happen they fell as they don’t belong, they are too much over the top compared with the rest, the comedy looks too dumb up for such a clever movie, the best example for this is the car chasing scene in Korea and finishing with a car seat going down the road, you will understand it when you see it.

So that is what made me go back and forth the movie took me to deep into a message that was so cool to see in something like this, but then they had to make the popcorn movie. Still, I recommended everyone to watch it.


Jasmine says:

Marvel has done it once again!

Bringing us a strong superhero that inspires young children, teens, and adults all over the world.

My father (Joao) and I had been waiting for Black Panthers movie ever since ‘Captain America: Civil War’ movie.
It has the most beautiful visuals I ever saw and the best background story in all the Marvel universe.

I loved the link between the characters, I found touchy especially the relationship between the brother and the sister, how they protected each other with their lives.

Shuri is a fantastic Character even though she was so young, her brother still believes in her because she was so smart and prove her worth.

And how about Erik’s last scene? That sunset bit is for me one of the best parts of the all movie, and to all that know me, yes I did cry.

But most of all I loved the way the next person in the generation can go back to their ancestors to ask for advice and express how much they loved them, that is something I would love to do.

So if you need a movie to watch, defiantly it’s worth taking a trip to Wakanda.
Wakanda forever 😊



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