Baby Driver

João says:

Today something changed that didn’t in years and years, my list of favorite movies changed, “Baby Driver” is the reason why.

If you see my account Letterbox account you will see that I don’t really have a favourite gender, I watch every single movie out there, don’t care about what’s the theme I just care about the story and how that story is told, baby driver is groundbreaking, its original, it mixes different media in a way I never saw before, the use of music is mastered like it was something so natural and easy, but it’s not and will make life hard for every single movie coming forward.

Its a shame it didn’t get any awards in the Oscars, check our oscar review here.

Edgar Wright is an amazing director, you cant fit him in a box, His vision is unique and even loving “Ant-Man” I can’t stop wondering what movie would it turn out to be in Edgar’s hands.

The acting is flawless and Ansel Elgort performance playing baby is so simple and on the spot, all supporting characters help show up this innocence and raise his character to a character that you will not forget.

So in one word, this is a new standard for cinema and Edgar Wright will finally get his place as one of the best and more original directors of his generation.


Jasmine says:

Wow! How can I begin about this movie?

It is incredible and it ticks all my boxes! Romance, action, music and a good looking lead! Joking.
I loved the movie as soon as I saw the trailer, It was worth the wait! If you want to know more than here is the storyline.

Baby Driver is the action-filled romance following the story of the young getaway driver. If you love any of the ‘Fast and Furious’ movies, then this is the movie for you! Our main character

Baby (played by Ansel Elgort,) starts the film showing us his love of music through an act of crime. Later in the movie, he falls helplessly in love with a musical waitress named Debora (played by Lily James.)

So will the young getaway driver speed his way out of a heist or will he crash?
Just a tape of music will take you to a new life of action and romance.


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